Papaya is a Danish choir dedicated to bringing mainly South African vocal music traditions to their Europe-based audience. The Danish choir presents the music with vivacity and musical intensity, all focused around the proud South African tradition of finding strength, courage, and companionship through music.

The choir consists of 18 people with a passion for South African music. The choir has brought vibrant African vocal music to Western ears since 1986.


The choir always makes a great effort to understand where the songs come from and their original context. This is conveyed at concerts so that it's not only songs, but stories of culture, hardship and togetherness that's being presented. Approximately every three years the Papaya Choir goes on an inspirational tour to South Africa, the country of their passion, and meets and sings with local counterparts.


Papaya has performed at numerous locations in South Africa, examples are: The Regina Mundi Church in Soweto, together with their local friendship choir Mzansi Youth Choir. As a part of the Heritage Day programme in Athlone, Cape Town, at the Joseph Stone Auditorium. At the UJ Soweto Campus, at Bassline, Johannesburg, at Massed Choir Festivals, at community centres and more. In SA, the choir's concerts are primarily with a free entrance since Papaya wants to be sure that everyone with a tie to the music can experience it performed. Also, venues are chosen accordingly.


In Denmark Papaya performs both publicly and at private or company functions on a regular basis. A children's concert project has been launched at schools and public libraries, a theme concert about Mandela's life is on the repertoire as well, as is other concert formats, all with strong elements of presence, nerve, heart and performance meandering through beautiful choral treasures of South Africa